The Trust
The Context:
  • The appeal of Indian Classical Music is restricted to a miniscule fraction of society and honest classical music can never be "popular" music.
  • Traditionally classical music has been sustained through patronage of individuals, who loved such music. Recent shift to impersonal Institutional Patronage, in effect, creates a compelling pressure to render classical music in a "mass friendly" style which adds novelty and spice but is destructive of tradition and integrity.
  • The shift of classical music from Chamber setting to Auditorium Stage and the format in which it is being presented is resulting in displacement of its reflective melodiousness by dazzling display of virtuosity and overwhelming dominance of rhythm.
  • Even so practice of classical music in its traditional form continues to receive patronage of selected individuals, music societies and sections of Indian Diaspora in US, UK, Europe and other parts of the world.
  • Not withstanding the hugely competitive environment in which classical music is thriving, there is no dearth of talented young aspirants who continue to seek music as a way of lie.
Objects of the Trust:
The principal objects of the Trust are to do whatever is possible towards:
  • Identifying gifted young aspirants and talented artistes.
  • Supporting learning of classical music in committed and traditional manner from truly knowledgeable Gurus
  • Facilitating outstanding and talented artistes to be heard and gain recognition.
  • Promoting and facilitating performances of music in the traditional format.
It is in this context and with these objectives that VSK Baithak is being converted in to a Trust. Though the Trust is being established through an individual endowment, it is hoped that it will receive support from like minded music lovers, and like minded institutions to achieve shared objectives.